Forsyth Attractions

If you're a history buff, a railroad fan, an art lover, or just want to get back to nature...Forsyth has something for you.

Our town is loaded with historic houses and business buildings, many of which have their historic atmosphere intact and stand ready to transport you back to a simpler time.

Visit the beautiful Rosebud County Courthouse, built in 1914 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Then, wander across the street to the Rosebud County Pioneer Museum, which is home to hundreds of displays and thousands of photographs depicting pioneer life in this area. Included in the collections are everyday items from the early 20th century, vintage clothing, barbed wire display, and various farm implements.  You can even see a giant Case steam tractor in factory-new condition!

If you really want to get up close and personal with the distant past, we have a "walking tour" brochure to lead you past some of the many historic homes and buildings. You'll learn about the different businesses, discover the early settlers of Rosebud County, and find out about popular architectural styles of the past.  You can also study the history of the flood in 1918 that devistated Forsyth.  Use this High Water Sign Map.pdf to find the locations of the pictures and descriptions. Stand where the photographer did and imagine what our town and people had to deal with.  

A casual walk down Main Street will lead you to our downtown area, home of a growing collection of giant murals by local artist Bob Watts.  Murals such as "Cabin in the Woods," "Autumn on the Yellowstone" and "The Phantom" will amaze you with it's size and artistry.

No railroad fan will want to miss seeing a few of the dozens of BNSF trains which cruise through Forsyth daily. There are several good vantage points around town for creating great photos of the trains in action.

Our close proximity to the Yellowstone River (it's right on the edge of town) gives you plenty of opportunities for fishing, agate-hunting, boating, wading or just relaxing on the riverbank.  Abundant wildlife can be seen near the river, too.  The Forsyth area is part of the Lewis and Clark Trail and we host the Mathew Quigley Match, the largest Buffalo Rifle Match in the world. 

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